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Automated Help With Equations

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Tools to Decipher Equations

Quick! What's this?

H0 = EI + P/RHO +.5*(U*U +V*V)

Characters... Code... Jibberish? Might as well be Greek!

Many people will not recognize this. But an expert in aerodynamics--if they stared at it for a while--should recognize the formulae. The variable names are suggestive, and the formulae match something they know--or should know!

This web site contains automated tools to help you decipher equations--our favorite equations!

Try your favorite equation! Try your most frustrating equation!!

How "smart" is this expert? This is an experiment, but the 2010 goal is a college freshman.
So, if you fool the tool, we'll try to add your equation.

Confusing? Try examples.

Decipher Your Equation!

Wiki: Teach the Tool Your Equation; Review/Write Rules for Equations

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